Different colors represent different meanings, look at your clothes and your temperament is collocation "be the same outside and inside"?
1, red: active, enthusiastic, brave, love, healthy, barbarous.
2, Orange: rich, rich, future, friendly, bold and positive.
3, yellow: wisdom, glory, loyalty, hope, joy and light.
4, green: fairness, nature, peace, happiness, reason, naive.
5, blue: confidence, eternity, truth, truth, silence, and calmness.
6, purple: authority, respect, dignity, elegance, belief, and loneliness.
7, black: mystical, lonely, dark, pressure, serious, and imposing.
8, white: holy, pure, selfless, simple, safe and honest.
Usually we have to match the color of the dress, in principle, we should try to make the color of the dress in the same color as possible. This is one of the most basic collocation methods. In addition, a reasonable use of comparison, can also show your personality!
There are two kinds of contrast, one is color contrast, and the two is the contrast of lightness. The costumes are used more than the brightness contrast, the vulgar point is to speak, a color deep, a light color. When the contrast is large, it appears to be more open to personality, and on the contrary, it appears to be more introverted.
Reasonable collocation plus some small accessories embellishment, there will be a finishing touch.