1. Cotton fiber and hemp fiber
Cotton fiber and ramie fiber is just near the flame is burning, burning, flame yellow, blue smoke. The difference between the two ones in the smell of burning and the ashes after burning is that the cotton burns the smell of paper, the flax burns the smell of grass and ashes. After burning, cotton has very little powder and ashes, black or gray.
Two, wool fiber and silk
Mao Yuhuo smoke when burning, blistering, slower burning, burning hair exudes burnt smell, after burning to ashes to black spherical particles of shiny, finger pressure is broken. Silk fire huddled down, burning slowly, accompanied by hissing, emitting a smell after burning hair have a fever, a dark brown small spherical ashes, hand twist is broken.
Three. Polyamide and polyester
Generic nylon polyamide fiber, flame is nearly melted into a white gelatinous rapidly kink in the flame burning, melting and dripping blistering, burning no flame, leaving the flame to burn, emitting a smell of celery, after cooling the melt is not easy to light brown. 涤纶学名聚酯纤维,易点燃,近火焰即熔缩,燃烧时边熔化边冒黑烟,呈黄色火焰,散发芳香气味,烧后灰烬为黑褐色硬块,用手指可捻碎。
Four. Acrylic fiber and polypropylene fiber
Acrylic name of polyacrylonitrile fiber, softening melting near the fire, after the fire smoke and the flame was white, from the flame burning rapidly, exudes a bitter smell burning meat, after burning ashes for irregular black lumps, fragile hand twist. Polypropylene fiber is known as polypropylene fiber, which is near flame, which is melt shrinkage and flammable. It burns slowly from the fire and fires black smoke. The upper part of the flame is yellow, and the lower part is blue, emitting oil smell. After burning, the ashes are hard round, light yellow brown particles, and the hands are twisted and fragile.
Five, vinylon and polyvinyl chloride
Name of vinylon polyvinyl formal fiber, not easy to ignite, near the flame melting shrinkage, a top combustion flame, to melt into the gel fiber flame becomes large, with thick smoke, exudes incense smell, burning left after a small black bead shaped particles, fingers can be crushed. Name of polyvinyl chloride PVC fiber, difficult to burn, the fire is out, the lower end of the flame is yellow, green white smoke, exudes pungent spicy sour pungent, after burning ashes to dark brown irregular lumps, the finger is not fine.
Six, spandex and fluorine fiber
Spandex, the name of polyurethane fiber is near the edge of the fire, and the flame is blue when it burns. It continues to melt and burn away from the fire, emitting a special pungent odor. After burning, the ash is soft and fluffy and black. Polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, called ISO, is called fluorite fiber. It is called fluorite fiber. It only melts near the flame. It is hard to ignite and burn. The edge flame is blue-green and carbonized, and it is decomposed, and the gas is poisonous. The melting material is hard round black bead. Fluorine fiber is commonly used in the manufacturing of high performance sewing lines in the textile industry.
Seven, viscose fiber and copper ammonium fiber
Viscose fiber is flammable, combustion speed, flame yellow, with burning smell, after burning less ash, a light gray or gray white smooth twisted strip of fine powder. Cuprammonium fibre name toramomen, near the flame combustion, combustion speed, flame yellow, with sour ester, after burning ashes rarely, only a small amount of black ash.