Wool is the use of animal hair fiber and artificial hair fiber textile made of high-grade fabric, made of wool coat has the advantages of no deformation, durable, elegant appearance, crisp, has good heat preservation effect. Because of the special and high quality of woollen fabrics, we need to be very careful in daily maintenance, how to wash woolen overcoats and how to maintain woollen overcoats.

How do you wash the coat? The most important thing is that you can't wash it or wash it. The woolen coat should be sent to a professional dry cleaning shop for cleaning. When you wear it, you can clean it up at once. The dirt in a small place can be wiped gently with a hot towel, so you can't wash it. Improper washing can cause woolen overcoat to shrink, hair loss and deformation.

If a woolen coat is not often sent to the dry cleaners and cleaned at home, we should follow the following steps: lay the wool coat on the table, wet the thick towel in warm water, put it on the coat and gently beat it with a thin stick. The dirty clothes of the woolen coat were flapped and transferred to a hot towel. After repeated washing of the towel, after repeated flapping, the fur coat ventilation is good. A steam iron can be ironed once before drying.

If the above methods are troublesome for you, stick to water washing. Please pay attention to the following points: machine washes can't be used for washing machines, washing machines for rollers and light washing. Do not dry immediately after washing, it is necessary to iron the coat in half dry to remove wrinkles. Not exposure when drying, drying is also used to tile drying or drying binary suspension.

The most important coat in the maintenance of Mao Tat's coat is to introduce how to wash the coat. Read the above, in order to make your coat to wear long, keep the way to buy new, we recommend dry cleaning wool coat, hair removal often daily in dust coat, so that you will buy new coat every day.